„A Twist of Fate” Mikołaj Wyrzykowski


A Twist of Fate” is a novel for both teenagers and adult readers, in which the real journey is interwoven with literary narratives. It’s a story of three friends being tired with the stuffy boxes their lives have been crammed into. The future enveloped in mist fills them with uncertainty, and they feel like strangers in a world where dreams are perceived just like products on shelves in a supermarket. Soon, each of them would have to choose a path to follow in life, yet for the moment they’re still wandering in the darkness. Charles wishes to become a writer, Julia is endlessly suffering from mood swings, whereas Robert attempts to be an average Joe, at which he fails miserably.

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They set out for France – everyone is looking individually for the right path while sharing their doubts and faith with the others. As well as the stories, both the authentic ones and the ones reflected in the narratives Charles writes in an attempt to immortalize pictures, sounds, aromas and feelings in sentences.

The three of them travel between meetings and stories, roaming freely the roads of France, from Paris down to a vineyard in Provence where they discover their own miniature of paradise, safe from the noise of large cities.

There, they learn they are not alone. All the stories, real and made-up, are connected by a cicada, a symbol of infinity, which follows each of the characters like a shadow, embracing them with its seemingly omnipresent singing – a twist of fate which always accompanies us on the road and shows us which way to go further.

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Wymiary 21 × 15 × 1.5 cm

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